Rooney Routine

I just started a new tumblr with my design buddies: The idea is to make something cool two times a week, now let's see where it takes us

The Lighthouse Knight: Final Report

so, at last, here is the final report describing the visual development of some key elements of a hypothetical IP. Hope y'all like it. ps: you can find most images in high res on my blog here and you can download the pdfversion itself here (the colors seem to be quite off in the preview version below)

The Lighthouse Knight: Monster & Forest

Here are the last two designs I did for the lighthouse project, a monster and the forest he lives in. The final report will be uploaded shortly.
And a little bonus: the matte painting for the backgound of the trailer

The Lighthouse Knight: Gregory

Design for the main character gregory, a ritiring knight. I will describe the entire process in the final report. Next up: the castle

The Lighthouse Knight: Trailer

The Lighthouse Knight Trailer from Mark Zwart on Vimeo.

Trailer for the project I am working on. The Lighthouse Knight will be a study project for university and consist out of concept art for a short story about a retiring knight. Focus will be on the design of some characters and environments, which I will upload more about in the coming time, and the end result will be a report which describes my entire process, which I am also planning on uploading once it is ready, which will probably be around Octobre

For now enjoy the trailer, but keep an eye on this place. It was made with Blender and Photoshop, completion time 3 weeks (give or take)

Clock design process

Been a while since I posted something here because I am working on a pretty big project (more later on that) and because I moved :)

Meanwhile, here are some design sketches of the alarm clock that i posted earlier. I think these iterations are a lot more interesting than just seperate sketches or final drawings, since they really show the entire thought process.

I scanned quite a lot of old drawings lately, so you can also look forward to more of that in the near future (I am breaking it up in digestable chunks) I wanted to scan all this a lot earlier, but I couldnt find a proper A3scanner.

Cheers, Mark

Study Trip Milano

Hi there, no drawings this time, but a report from a study trip to the Milano Design Week last week.
Some of the highlights were the visit to Lamborghini and Ducati, the Salone di Mobili (the main fair) and walking through neighbourhoods like Lambrata and Brera where upcoming designers displayed their products (and of course Milan itself).

One of the most interesting the stand of the Peugeot Design Lab, which included a superawesome grand piano and some abstract studies of combinations of a natural and a "high-tech" material, for example steel & iron ore, 3d-printed plastic & wood, and even a chunk of meteorite combined with 3d-printed aluminium. As a result of those studies, they designed a sofa with carbon fibre and a rock.

click on the arrow buttons on the picture or use left & right arrow keys to scroll through the pictures

Cheers, Mark

Something Different

Inspirated by 50's cartoonists like Jerry Warshaw.
this is one of a few illustrations I did for the layout of a school report on products to make vacation easier for people with a handicap (because Industrial Design is one of those few studies where you are acually expected to care about the layout ;) ). It was a lot of fun to go for a totally different style, but also darn hard. I found it is actually harder to give it this flat graphic look and still make it look good than to just go for realistic perspective, proportions and so on. Also, a style like this requires you to push the character designs to their extreme, which is pretty hard as well. Even though I had to go through those challenges, the speed was pretty sweet since it can remain pretty sketchy; 10-20 minutes for a finished illustration, try that with a painting :)

ExpositIO: The Arrival

I made these images for an exposition called "ExpositIO" hosted by my study association, which opened yesterday. If you are interested and happen to be in the area, you can still visit the expo till may 7 (location: Vrijhof building, UTwente, Enschede, the Netherlands). There's some pretty cool and diverse artsy stuff from about 20 industrial design students.
As for the images themselves, the idea behind them was to see an explorer arriving in a tribal society from the point of view of the tribesmen. I started out with making photos of ink droplets in water to get something to start with, which gave some pretty cool results (like the one below). One of the inspirations was these documentaries, definitely a must see.


Hi y'all, time to put something up again. This is a piece of concept art that I recently did for an upcoming movie called Animals by the awesome Ryan Braund. The movie is about 5 teens with animal masks who are hiding in the pine woods of alaska, where they kill people that come too close to their hideout to stay hidden. When a 14 year old girl comes by, one of the boys decides to run away with the girl.

My task was to visualize the environment and the kids in one image to get people excited. Ryan originally wanted to have all kids standing next to eachother (like thumbnail #2 below), but I thought it would be interesting to have a more dynamic composition, so I showed him the thumbnails below. Luckily he liked it, so I finished thumb #3. I had a lot of fun working on this, so big up to Ryan for giving the opportunity.