Study Trip Milano

Hi there, no drawings this time, but a report from a study trip to the Milano Design Week last week.
Some of the highlights were the visit to Lamborghini and Ducati, the Salone di Mobili (the main fair) and walking through neighbourhoods like Lambrata and Brera where upcoming designers displayed their products (and of course Milan itself).

One of the most interesting the stand of the Peugeot Design Lab, which included a superawesome grand piano and some abstract studies of combinations of a natural and a "high-tech" material, for example steel & iron ore, 3d-printed plastic & wood, and even a chunk of meteorite combined with 3d-printed aluminium. As a result of those studies, they designed a sofa with carbon fibre and a rock.

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Cheers, Mark

Something Different

Inspirated by 50's cartoonists like Jerry Warshaw.
this is one of a few illustrations I did for the layout of a school report on products to make vacation easier for people with a handicap (because Industrial Design is one of those few studies where you are acually expected to care about the layout ;) ). It was a lot of fun to go for a totally different style, but also darn hard. I found it is actually harder to give it this flat graphic look and still make it look good than to just go for realistic perspective, proportions and so on. Also, a style like this requires you to push the character designs to their extreme, which is pretty hard as well. Even though I had to go through those challenges, the speed was pretty sweet since it can remain pretty sketchy; 10-20 minutes for a finished illustration, try that with a painting :)