focussing mainly on dramatic lighting & character design this week
Cheers, Mark

Graphic design

Here is some graphic design work I've been doing lately

Double page mockup for Botzine, my imaginative robot magazine (the image compression doesn't make it better, but you get the idea)

four pages of a report

some logo attempts

Mockups for a smartphone maze game interface

Poster, poking some fun at Europe's biggest clown-in-politics, Silvio Berlusconi

Another poster based on some abstract photography, experimenting with visual storytelling. I found the little ship on some old poster and the wreckage photo belongs to National Geographic. This is for non-profit use only (just saying, better safe than sorry)

more abstract/ish photography

Alarm clock

This was another university assignment I did a while back. It is an alarmclock/night closet for elderly people.


BotZine no. II

As promised, the other two magazine covers. Tried to get some different styles again.


Part I

BotZine no. I

For our graphic design course at uni we had to come up with a design related magazine and make covers for four issues, which - obviously -  sounds very much like drawing robots. I used one of the awesome fonts for the titles over here.

Next week, I'll upload you the other two covers.


part II

Quantum Realm

Logo and album cover I did a couple of years for me ol' buddy Koen Dercksen, a.k.a. Quantum Realm. Why not check out his music, I think he's a pretty good DJ :) Also, he does sets & stuff on Livestream sometimes (though not a lot lately).

Train sketches

Been quite busy last weeks finetuning the site and starting a new year at university, so I don't really have anything interesting to show. I hope these sketches make up for it :). They are both done on the train to university last year. The first one is a buiding I saw outside, second from imagination, wee bit stylized.

Cheers, Mark

Rock '70

This image is one of the first serious attempts at digital painting. I got a tablet two months ago, but until now I only made some quick sketches to get used to it. This one though took three days to make, and might be a bit over detailed.


So the idea behind this image was to make it a secret military genetics research facility in the 70's/80's, which is part of an operation codenamed "Project Ammit". I think it is quite an interesting background story, because the whole genetic engineering science and cloning stuff started around that period, so you can imagine that if the facility still existed, they might be able by now to create massive evil pink rabbits that are ready to take over the world :)

The design is inspired by the functionalist design movement of the time (Bang & Olufsen and Braun/Dieter Rams, that stuff) and syd mead-ish futurism. Also I tried to fit the design into the environment. Looking back, I think I could have spend some more time in emphasizing this relation and the retro designfeatures.

Hope you dig it. I would really be grateful with any critique.


[Edit] - Fixed some issues with the image


I created this blog one summer ago, so after collecting dust for a year I think it is time to finally launch it. 
The blog will be about all kinds of designey stuff (mainly industrial & entertainment design). I will share sketches, portfoliopieces, more doodles, inspiration and whatever else i can think of that might entertain thou.

Hope you enjoy it!
Mark Zwart