that's me on the picture, back in 2002, a curious, dreamy kid, always fantasizing about wild adventures and drawing out my inventions and observations (the sketches are from the same period). I pride myself for never letting that inner child escape, and still don't believe a dream can be too bold. That’s why my designs tend to look pretty far-out futuristic and conceptual, thinking as far ahead as possible to solve bigger problems. This then serves as a goal to work towards. The next step is to figure out how this can be realised anyway by thinking of gradual developments where every step is a strategical one towards the final result.

I study industrial design engineering at the University of Twente, currently halfway into my master's, so soon I'll officially be an engineer. I am also a self taught concept artist, and try to get my head around other aspects of visual storytelling. Other than that, I like to run, eat and listen to all kinds of weird beats. Before I forget, also check out, that's the design collective I'm a part of, together with my designer buddies. So if you want me to design something cool for you, that's where the magic happens. Just contact me via

If you want to stay updated, please follow me via one of the links below (or all of them of course), though you can also keep an eye on this blog. I strongly believe that quality trumps quantity, especially on the interwebs, so the posts on here might be a little less frequent than you might be used to, but I'll make sure it will be worth your while (at least if you're interested in things like design thinking, futurism, art & engineering) Obviously, if you have a question, request or just something cool to share, feel free to contact me.